Ajla Šehić, Intern in the Legal Affairs Department

After obtaining my university degree, I looked for an internship for four months. Then I heard through the Employment Service of the Sarajevo Canton that Klas is offering internships for new employees. I was attracted by their very long experience, the variety of types of work, the possibility of acquiring experience, and I could think of myself working for Klas. The tasks I work on are multifarious and they enable me to acquire experience in different fields within the Service.

Before I started working for Klas, I knew that it was a company with a very long experience and that it was a domestic brand. But during my work in Klas, I realized that it is dedicated to improving its business, working conditions, and the satisfaction of its employees and customers. This creates a pleasant atmosphere within the company. Every time I asked for help, my co-workers were happy to help.

Edin Hasanspahić, Production Plant Manager of the Olovo Mill

I have been an employer of Klas since 1998, so my work place is my second home. It is my great pleasure to be able to contribute my experience and knowledge to Klas. I do my best every day to make it possible for high quality natural kinds of flour (ray, barely, and buckwheat) to be produced in the Olovo Mill in the best possible way.

The production of flour in the Olovo Mill is continuous and my team and I try hard to contribute to further development of Klas and maintenance of its leading position in Bosnia-Herzegovina and former Yugoslavia in the field of food production.

Indira Herenda, Head of the Sarajevo Mill

I have been working for Klas for 17 years. Before my employment in Klas, I had cooperated with this Company for many years. Managing the operation of one of the biggest mills in south-eastern Europe, whose products are sought after and appreciated is a daily challenge for me.
Bearing in mind the position and importance of Klas’s products on the market of Bosnia-Herzegovina and former Yugoslavia, my team and I are dedicated to creating top quality products which will meet the expectations of our customers. Working in Klas is a wonderful experience because we spend our positive energy on creating an indispensable part of the meals of our consumers. Therefore, I consider that my work is worthy of my efforts, which give me pleasure and are not a burden for me.

Vasvija Poljo, Head of Quality Control and Standardization Office / Quality Assurance Manager

I have been working for Klas since January 1999. Driven by the desire and challenge of quantitatively and qualitatively meeting one of the basic needs of humans – food, through improving and innovating food industry technologies in contemporary circumstances, I came to like my work.
This desire was also the reason why I decided to study food industry at the university, where I acquired theoretical knowledge which I was able to apply while working in Klas. After merging theoretical and practical knowledge, I acquired a Master’s degree with the thesis entitled “An Alternative to Using Sugar with Sweeteners Based on Starch (Sorbitol) in the Production of Semisweet Dietary Biscuits”.
I have been working in the Quality Control and Standardization Office, where I gained experience in managing quality control, in the introduction, implementation and control of standards such as ISO, HACCP, HALAL. I also gained experience in educating the staff, as well as in making decisions for solving problems related to quality control in food industry.

Violeta Ilibašić, Sales Supervisor for the region of Banja Luka

I have occupied the position of Sales Supervisor for the region of Banja Luka since the end of 2019. I like to work with other people, and also the dynamism, creativity, and all other challenges of my job. I like the way it influences me and provides the opportunity to meet others and to achieve the goals assigned to me. There are no limits in what can be done in my job, one just has to go ahead boldly. I recommend it!

Zijad Hamzić, Foreman in the Bread and Pastries Department

A major part of my life is connected with Klas as I have been working in Klas since 1985. I started working in Klas 35 years ago, immediately after completing my education.
When I look at what I obtained in my life, I realize that everything came from Klas. I met my wife in Klas, we got married and now have two children.
My job in Klas consists in organizing work in shifts in order to ensure high-quality products reach the market. I like my work because it is for me the best possible job. And when you like your job, you are a contented and fulfilled person.

Samija Ljaljak Ćorić, Technologist in the Development Department, in charge of the HACCP team

I have worked in Klas for 21 years, more precisely since April 1999. During my time in Klas I occupied different positions. My first job was related to the implementation of ISO standards. Later on, through the years I worked on different tasks in production and quality control.
My current position of food technician is to a large extent connected with development of new products.

This work is very interesting, creative, and dynamic. It also gives me the opportunity to learn constantly about new things and to advance in my career. It requires a lot of effort in team work with colleagues from different sectors of Klas. It gives me great pleasure to see a new product, created by team work, launched on the market and accepted by consumers for whom it is intended.

Almir Zjakić, Regional Sales Manager for Banjaluka and Bihać

I have been employed in Klas since September 2018. I am in charge of sales in the region of Banjaluka and Bihać. I like to work with other people. Every work day is dynamic and full of challenges. It is a great pleasure to work in a domestic company with a long tradition and an assortment of high-quality products.