Long ago, in 1972, the first line for making confectionary products was installed under the name Sarko, and it produced the famous Sarajevo Sarko sweet rolls. Eight years later, in 1980, the production was expanded to include tea cookies, and soon after that, waffle products. Sarko bear, the trademark of the products from the category of rolls and wafer cookies, has been smiling to generations of our consumers bringing them joy, to both the younger and the older ones.

Wanting to satisfy needs of our buyers, we follow trends and keep developing new products, never forgetting the main ingredient in all our products – the love.

The Klas’ Bosnian Lokum and Golden Lokum are our best known products, made by traditional recipe, and any innovation on the lokums never spoils the core recipe and their quality.

In the confectionary program, Klas has 43 different products, including the already mentioned wafer cookies Jaro, and wide range of Klas tea cookies.

Bosnian and Golden Lokum

Almost 40 years ago, technology specialists of the Klas have borrowed from the country’s culinary tradition the directions for production of the Bosnian lokum, so that the sweet-toothed peoples from all over the world could enjoy this original tea cookie. This special delicacy is made of the top quality ingredients, reflecting the rich and unique history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 According to the stories, the lokums used to be prepared only for the ones most loved, to take them when going to long and uncertain travels, to have the lokum aroma remind them of the home they had left behind, and, wherever they were, to make them feel loved. Over time, this has become a favored sweet all over the world, and the food company Klas d.d. Sarajevo is the first and only industrial manufacturer of lokums in this part of Europe who uses the original, oriental recipe.

In 2013, the Klas broadened its assortment to include the Golden Lokum, by enriching the original recipe of the Bosnian lokum with high quality ingredients that offer a completely new experience.

Rahat Lokum

In 2017,  the Food Industry Klas d.d. Sarajevo made their consumers happy by having developed another product – the Rahat Lokum (Turkish Delight) – in three flavors: rose, walnut, and mix.

The words “rahat” and “lokum” come from Turkish language, and together they mean pleasure for throat. Rahat locum arrived to this region more than 500 years ago, and was served exclusively to high classes at courts. It used to be wrapped in silk and brought to the court like that. Today, having Bosnian coffee with rahat lokum or other oriental sweets has become a ritual in homes all over BiH. Rahat lokum is served to dear guests or gifted to loved friends.

FIT cookies

The FIT is the Klas’ wholegrain cookie first produced in 2015, developed in the Development Department of the Klas company over a bit under a year. The new brand is fully made by the domestic experts. The FIT is made in four flavors: oat flakes, oat flakes and hazelnuts, with chocolate bits, and with cocoa and hazelnuts.

This is a healthy product, and one quarter of the cookie are actually the oat flakes that are proven to reduce the blood cholesterol, thus helping prevent heart diseases. In addition, oat flakes are an important sources of dietary fibers, and one of the richest sources of tocotrienol (a type of vitamin E). They contain vitamins B1, B5, folic acid, biotin, vitamin E, as well as zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese.

Eating oats slows down the increase of blood sugar levels after the meal, and its decrease before the meal. This helps one feel full for longer, making it easier to limit the amount of consumed food and control the weight. Studies have shown that women who consume more dietary fibers have less circulating estrogen, which is a risk factor for breast cancer, while the children who had consumed oats had 50% less chance to develop obesity later in life compared to children who had not eaten oats.

Sarko sweet rolls and Tortica wafer cookie

Long ago, in 1972, the first confectionary production line was installed under the name of Sarko, which produced the famous Sarajevo Sarko sweet rolls.

The Sarko bear, the trademark of the products in the category of sweet rolls and wafers, has brought smiles and joy to generations of our consumers, young and old.

Wanting to satisfy needs of our buyers, we follow trends and develop new products, never forgetting the main ingredient in all our products – the love.

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